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Opera y Flamenco, Historia de un amor

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A dance piece by Rafael Amargo


If you like music and dance you can't miss Ópera y Flamenco. The show is a unique fusion of operatic singing, Spanish operetta and the bewitching spell of flamenco dancing. You can see it at the Palau de la Música Catalana or Teatre Poliorama in Barcelona.


Opera y Flamenco Barcelona. A Love Story is born from the joining together of well known talented singers and flamenco artists and of the fusion of two passionate European arts.

Seen by more than 2 million spectators, this incredible shows is directed by the award winning Rafael Amargo, the most important flamenco artist working today.

Opera y Flamenco tells the tormented story of love between the dancers with their souls interpretated by the tenor and soprano.

A show that is unique in its fusion of the beauty of opera with the passion of flamenco.

What does your booking include?:
  • Admission to the show.

Musicians: Carlos Caro (violín), Martín Meléndez (cello), Jacobo Sanchez (cajón), Pau Vallet (guitar) and David Granato (piano)
Soloists: Alina Furman (soprano) and Ezquiel Casamada (tenor)
Bailaores: Vanessa Galvez "La Lirio", Iván Alcalá and Pepe Flores.
Cantaores: Fefa Gómez and J."El Duende"
Art Direction: Rafael Amargo

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