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Banksy Exhibition: The Art of Protest

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Only original works


At this exhibition, you’ll be able to enjoy original works by one of the leading figures of street art.


Banksy: The Art of Protest is a major international exhibition of original works by this British artist, drawn from private collections. The exhibition is on a world tour and has received more than a million visitors.

Banksy is a contemporary artist who has garnered fame around the world for his street art that defies the system. His identity is still a mystery.

At this exhibition, hosted by Barcelona’s design museum, the Museu del Disseny (DHUB), you’ll find works that invite you to reflect on issues such as globalisation, climate change, class struggles and political power. Among his best-known works, you’ll find the original screenprint from the “Girl With a Balloon” series, similar to the one that was destroyed at the auction house Sotheby’s in London; “Christ With Shopping Bags”, a satire on the true meaning of Christmas and “Love is in the Air”, in which a demonstrator throws a bouquet of flowers instead of a Molotov cocktail, among many others.

The immersive audiovisual space will take you on a sensory journey through his artistic career.

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