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The restaurant and wine Bar in Barcelona's jewish quarter

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Kosher-wine tasting


IneditTours bring you a further insight into Jewish traditions, more specifically, the Kosher wine made for Jewish people.


Through a combination of history and tasting, you’ll be able to enjoy the culinary and religious traditions of the Catalan Jews in Barcelona. You’ll find out about the strict health guidelines governing the making of Kosher wine, which are so deeply rooted in their religion, and have set them apart from their Christian neighbours for so many years.

The tour includes a visit to Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter to visit an ancient Jewish synagogue that has been converted into a restaurant and wine bar: La Vinateria del Call.

Spectacular art nouveau architecture awaits you!

What does your booking includ ?:
  • Trilingual guided tour 
  • Visit to Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter
  • Tasting of Kosher wine

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