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  • Goshka Macuga. Tàpies Foundation Barcelona

Goshka Macuga. In Flux.Exhibitions, Summer in Barcelona
03/16/2022 - 09/25/2022

Social and political events are transformed through the eyes of the Polish artist Goshka Macuga, who has carried out in-depth research on the relationship between art, power, and the narratives that reach us regarding historical events and characters. With compositions that include large installations that mix his own works and archival images, and where several disciplines coexist, Macuga uses the collage-like superposition of images, texts, and materials from different historical events with a common theme. The result is a clear metaphor for the need to reformulate inherited historical narratives. Fundació Tàpies offers an exhibition entitled "In Flux" that hints precisely at this constant circulation of images and is divided into three large facilities.

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