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Barcelona is a city where you can stroll through a wide variety of public parks and gardens. Parks with wooded areas and shady spots, parks with green spaces where you can sunbathe, find fountains, lakes, sculptures and children's play areas. Barcelona is flanked by two vast green "lungs": the Parc de Collserola, a protected natural site covering a surface area of some 8,000 hectares, and the Parc de Montjuïc, spread over a hill which conceals a treasure trove of gardens, including the Botanical Gardens. The romantic Parc del Laberint, Parc de Cervantes and popular Parc de la Ciutadella retain the flavour of classical gardens. At the foot of the Collserola Ridge, a number of wooded parks are scattered around the hillside neighbourhoods. Mediterranean plants and trees abound in the Parc de l'Oreneta, the Parc de la Guineueta and Turó de la Peira. Nearby, in the district of Gràcia, the Park Güell reveals Gaudí's imprint.

And for lovers of the modern, Barcelona is an endless source of possibilities where you can discover the design of new green spaces which seek to integrate nature and town planning. Examples include the Parc de Diagonal Mar, the Parc Central de Nou Barris, and the parks that have been created on former industrial and railway sites, such as the Parc de l'Estació del Nord and the Parc del Clot.