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Barcelona and wine

Barcelona and wine have shared a love story since Roman times. The idyll continued in medieval monasteries, and later, in the Cathedrals of Wine built as a result of the nascent farmers' cooperative movement of the art nouveau period. Today wine is more alive than ever, and the wine-producing tradition is firmly embedded in the region's social and cultural life. Wine and cava are inextricably linked to the wealth of Catalan gastronomy and they never stop flowing at every celebration, to such an extent that there are a number of dedicated wine festivals held throughout the year. Discover the thrilling world of wine and let yourself be captivated by its every nuance.

  • Wines with their own unique character


    Wines with their own unique character

    With a landscape and a varied climate, Catalunya has all the ingredients to produce high quality wines with very different characteristics and with their own character, certified by 12 Designation of Origin (DO). Cava deserves a separate chapter, the genuine catalan sparkling wine has its own identity, different from any other sparkling wine.

  • Wine Bars in Barcelona


    Where to go to buy and enjoy good wine in Barcelona

    Come and enjoy the best places where you can taste some amazing wines. With your friends, partner or on your own, it's always the right time to delight your senses with the aromas and subtle nuances of local varieties. Experience the city through its traditional bodegas and wine bars and feel the rhythm of Barcelona and its lifestyle. Because sharing a great bottle of wine is synonymous with good times. Don't miss this experience for the five senses.

  • Restaurants with wine-pairing


    Wine-pairing restaurants: a tribute to the senses

    The perfect wine for every dish. With a deeply rooted Mediterranean tradition as it backdrop, the innovation of local chefs and menus designed right down to the smallest detail to ensure the flavours and aromas become more intense with every mouthful, result in a thrilling array of places to pamper your palate and five senses. Come and discover Barcelona's restaurants that offer wine and food pairings and enjoy the most complete foodie experience.

  • Visits to wineries


    Visits to wineries

    Discover all the secrets of wine and cava by visiting some of Barcelona's most impressive wineries, including five Designations of Origin (D.O.). You'll be able to taste wines and cavas, wander among the vines and admire true architectural treasures.

  • Wine tourism experiences


    Wine tourism experiences

    Be amazed at the beauty of the vineyards with their breathtaking views of the sea or nestling among valleys and mountains. Discover the relics of ancient cultures, surprise your palate with different flavours, learn about the different bouquets and the art of making a fine cava you won't find anywhere else in the world. Enjoy everything Barcelona and its environs have to offer with wine as the linking thread of Catalan history, food and traditions.

  • Wine- and food-related events


    Don't miss out on a single one of our wine- and food-related events

    Barcelona is synonymous with culture and diversity and has a vibrant calendar of events to suit all tastes. Music, art, dance, theatre, architectural heritage, literature, film and science have the city's streets and cultural venues as their backdrop. Wine also has its place on the calendar at fairs and festivals where culture and food go hand in hand and invite you to enjoy multi-sensory experiences. Enjoy Barcelona and discover all its wine- and food-related events.

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