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  • Fundació Antoni Tàpies Barcelona

Tàpies. MelancholyExhibitions
03/16/2022 - 09/25/2022

The work of Antoni Tàpies between 1990 and 1995 seems to be characterized by a certain melancholy. Despite the early 1990s being a time of great international recognition for him, during which he also opened Fundació Tàpies, his works refer to death, pain, and the passage of time. Indeed, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 symbolized the failure of a political project that many intellectuals like him had embraced. Other historical events such as the war in Bosnia or the Rwandan genocide also brought on a global wave of pessimism. We now have the opportunity to contemplate this melancholy in this exhibition that includes very representative works such as Embolcall [Wrapping] (1994), Rèquiem (1995), and Dukkha (1995), as well as works that have never been exhibited before, such as Quatre elements [Four elements] (1992) and Abans-després [Before-after] (1994).

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