Casa Fuster

One of the most sumptuous examples of modernisme in Barcelona, the Casa Fuster sparkles elegantly at the top of the Passeig de Gràcia. It is considered one of the most costly buildings ever built in the city, and it is precisely the combination of simplicity and harmonious décor which imbues the building with its great value and beauty.

Lluís Domènech i Montaner's last building in Barcelona, which he worked on from 1908 in 1911 in association with his son Pere Domènech i Roure, was a wonderful gift from the wealthy Mallorcan, Mariano Fuster, to his wife Consol Fabra. The façade on Carrer Jesús features a relief bearing the initials C.F., reminding us of the original owner of the property. The entire building is infused with a neo-Gothic feel and understated modernista style. In fact, the beauty of the building lies in the use of very expensive fine materials, such as the white marble on the façade, glass and slate.

Domènech i Montaner left his unmistakeable imprint on the building with the characteristic pink columns, trilobate windows and classic floral motifs. He designed the building with an amazing combination of curves and straight lines; two flat façades meet a cylindrical turret on the corner with glass galleries decorated with sculptures reminiscent of swallows' nests. The French-style top floor, and the elegant entrance, which was the home of the Cafè Vienès for many years, make the Casa Fuster a perfect example of the modernista style. The building has housed a luxury hotel since 2004.

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