Casa Sayrach

One of the last modernista buildings in Barcelona stands imposingly on the Avinguda Diagonal, and encapsulates everything the masters of the style had achieved in Barcelona. Graceful and elegant, its beauty lies in the understated curves of the façade.

This late-modernista building was erected on the corner between Carrer Enric Granados and the Avinguda Diagonal in 1918, when few architects were still working in this style. The project was signed by Gabriel Borrell, but it was builded by the architect and writer Manuel Sayrach, the son of the project developer. Sayrach hadn't completed his degree at the time he is thought to have devised this interesting building which reveals the clear influence of Gaudí in the use of the curve.

The rounded corner of the building is surmounted by a slender turret. Another outstanding element is the protruding balcony with columns and large windows. Inside the building there is a lavishly decorated lobby and staircase.

The Casa Sayrach has been placed on the list of Cultural Assets of National Interest (BCIN) by the Catalan government in 2024.

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