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Delta del Llobregat

The Llobregat Delta is one of Catalonia's most important wetland zones. It is home to 20 natural habitats which have been designated special areas of conservation by the EU, and has an extraordinary diversity of plant species. The Delta is close to Barcelona and is an excellent place for bird-watching, as well as being a strategic point on the bird migration route. This is why it has been named a GIBA (Global Important Bird Area).

The Delta is surrounded by a vast agricultural park which is proof of the way top-quality intensive farming can coexist with a large city. The blue-legged chicken, the pollastre "Pota Blava", and the artichoke, the "Carxofa Prat", are two fine examples of the quality of the local produce, and the network of restaurateurs from El Prat offers fine cuisine based on this highly prized produce.

Not far from here is a beach with a unique pine forest that stretches along the entire coastline and has a signposted route to enable visitors to discover its treasures. From spring 2010, the El Prat coastline will be home to the CRAM (the Marine Animal Recovery Centre) which will be open to visitors and aims to raise awareness of the marine environment.

The town of El Prat is now an important economic hub and brings together major infrastructures which are open to visitors. You can see how water is purified and desalinated or get a close view of the planes taking off and coming in to land at Barcelona airport, the Aeroport del Prat, on the three viewing areas along the beachfront trail.

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