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  • Sant Cugat Monastery

Sant Cugat del Vallès Monastery

The origins of this peaceful walled precinct are associated with the martyr Saint Cugat, who was killed at the beginning of the 4th century during the persecution of the Christians by Emperor Diocletian. This episode couldn't be more different to the peaceful place that it is today, where visitors can lose themselves in tranquil walled surroundings.

The richness of the monastery complex lies in the variety of buildings and styles. We can admire the splendour of the monastery which was home to the Benedictine order. It is one of the best-preserved examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe, and features a series of 144 capitals depicting figures and symbols that tell the stories of the monks and their customs, and passages from the Bible, like the pages of an open book.

For its part, the church is a great example of the evolution of artistic styles, from the Romanesque interior to the beautiful Gothic façade, with its spectacular rose window inspired by Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The abbot's palace, which is currently the rectory, hosted some of the monarchs of the kingdom of Aragon. A succession of baroque chapels and Renaissance altarpieces enrich the visit.

The monastery was placed on the list of Cultural Assets of National Interest (BCIN) by the Catalan government in 1931.

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