• Can Folch – Industrial Relics Trail

Can Folch

The Industrial Relics Trail continues with the Can Folch industrial chimney in the former Icària district, now known as Vila Olímpica.

The company Folch, Albiñana y Cía. was founded in 1882. The industrial buildings belonging to Fábricas Folch S.A. were made of brick and steel and built by the engineer Tomàs Casanovas between 1898 and 1900. Steam was used at the time to power the factory and manufacture its products. This led to the building of an industrial chimney to extract the smoke produced by burning coal.

The original idea was to build a flour mill at Can Folch, but the owners eventually decided to build an industrial-alcohol distillery which used cereals. In 1983, it was converted into an ice factory and warehouses. Unfortunately, the factory was demolished in 1987 because the site had been earmarked for Barcelona's Olympic Village project.

Only the chimney at Can Folch survives. It is one of Barcelona's most iconic industrial landmarks and a historic example of the area's industrial past. The 54-metre-high industrial chimney was restored and is set among the Jardins d'Atlanta. There is a commemorative plaque on the base relating the history of Can Folch.

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