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22@ Sustainable Buildings Trail

The Barcelona 22@ district is an innovative urban transformation project that has reclaimed the industrial area of Poblenou and transformed it into a showcase for urban sustainability. It is considered one of the most ambitious projects in Europe.

This historic neighbourhood is currently home to some of the city's most iconic sustainable buildings. In the Barcelona 22@ district you'll be able to see its environmentally committed biodynamic architecture. Some of the buildings have obtained environmental certification as they have been built with materials and use systems that foster energy saving and reduce their environmental impact.

This Sustainable Buildings Trail reveals their secrets as it takes you through the 22@ technology district. Its streets are fitted with modern energy and dark fibre networks and underground maintenance tunnels that make it possible to locate and repair any faults without having to dig up the pavement.

These buildings adhere to efficiency and sustainability criteria: air-conditioning and heating, respect for the environment, energy saving, harnessing natural light, waste management and other innovative technologies. We invite you to explore the Sustainable Buildings Trail: a combination of sightseeing and sustainability.

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