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  • El Call - Barcelona

  • El Call - Barcelona

Barcelona Synagogue - Call de Barcelona

Barcelona's grand synagogue stood on the street known today as Salomó ben Adret, probably at number 9. Although we don't know when it was founded, there is documentary and archaeological evidence that there had been a Jewish community in the city since at least the 9th century. It is likely that the grand synagogue was founded at this time.

This synagogue was active until the Jewish Quarter was attacked in 1391 and the survivors were forced to convert to Christianity. Following the disappearance of the Jewish community, the king transferred the synagogue to private individuals who used it, among other things, as a prison and tile warehouse. Over the years, the synagogue building fell into ruin and only the outer walls survive.

The adjacent building is now open to visitors. It stands on the street once known as the Carrer de l'escola de les dones, as it was the place where the entrance leading to the women's section of the synagogue was located. This area houses a small exhibition of objects that give an insight into Judaism and the imprint of the Jewish community on the neighbourhood.

Another option is a to go on a tour of the city's former Jewish assembly building, the aljama, which is now a winery, called the Vinateria del Call Jueu, where you will find out more about Jewish traditions and, more specifically, how Kosher wine is made.

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