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Mirador de Colom

Standing at the end of Barcelona's Rambla, near the sea, The Mirador de Colom, also known as the Columbus Monument in Barcelona, designed by Gaietà Buïgas, was built in 1888 on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who chose to disembark in the port of Barcelona on his return from America. Inside, a lift raises the 51mts high of the Columbus column, made of cast iron and Corinthian style, to the viewing gallery. If you look north, you'll be able to make out the Gothic Quarter, the Cathedral, Santa Maria del Mar and the bustling Rambla. If you look towards the sea, to the east, following the coastline, you will be able to see the Olympic Marina and the modern Forum. To the south, stands Montjuïc Hill, with its castle at the top and, finally, if you look west, you'll see Collserola Natural Park, the vast green lung surrounding the city of Barcelona.

And in the top of the Columbus Monument, dominating the sky of Barcelona, the Columbus Statue holding a navigational chart in his left hand, and pointing to the route to America with his right.

The Columbus column contains Barcelona's first ever lift. It was hydraulic, with all the complexities this entailed, and was fitted inside the monument's narrow column. It took four minutes to reach the viewing gallery at the top. The lift was eventually replaced by safer and more modern electric lifts, and it now takes just 30 seconds to ride to the top.

The main highlight for families:
The viewing gallery boasts sweeping vistas of the city and the full stretch of La Rambla. It's fun to enjoy a bird's eye view of Barcelona's most famous avenue, teeming with people who look like tiny figures on an architect's model.

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