Visit BCN / Barcelona in spring. Experience the city to the fullest during this light-filled season

Barcelona in spring. Experience the city to the fullest during this light-filled season

Long, light-filled days that are pleasantly warm and streets bursting with life… springtime is an unbeatable time to visit Barcelona. You can't imagine what the city has in store from March to June. Here are some of our tempting plans to ensure you make the most of your spring visit.

1. Find the ideal climate

Girl in a viewing point in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona brings temperatures ranging from a minimum of 10 to 15ºC and a maximum of 16 to 24 ºC, depending on the month you visit. With a climate like this, you'll want to be out in the open air, see the city in bloom and get an extra dose of vitamin D. And if it's a rainy day, there are so many things to do indoors so you can keep enjoying the springtime vibes: museums, cinemas, theatres, shopping centres, restaurants… don't let anything stop you!

2. Enjoy the great pleasure of having a drink on a terrace

couple in a terrace in front of the sea
Bar Calder's terrace

Whether it's a picturesque square, on the seafront or in the city's liveliest neighbourhoods, you'll find out that having a drink and a snack or sampling the excellent local food is almost a community sport. From fresh produce, like the baby leeks, calçots (which are a typical local delicacy), artichokes, strawberries, cherries, peas, asparagus, leafy greens, oily fish and the different varieties of tomatoes (which we eat rubbed on slices of rustic bread) to unique specialities associated with our traditional festivals, including the egg and pork sausage, butifarra d'ou, or the sweet fritters, bunyols de vent, eaten at Easter time. The city's restaurants bring you the finest seasonal dishes and many of them have outdoor terraces for alfresco dining. Bon appétit!

3. A unique retail offer. Find everything you're looking for!

women in a shoe shop
Bag shop
couple in a shopping day in Born district

Shopping in Barcelona is another way of discovering the city. Many of the retail districts are located in streets and neighbourhoods with interesting architecture. In spring, Barcelona's shop windows are bursting with colour to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather. If you haven't come prepared, you'll be able to pop inside and kit yourself out for the first rays of the sun. There are open-air markets all over the city, selling vintage items, antiques and artisan products, so you can rummage around for that hidden treasure.

4. Plans, plans, plans… This spring in Barcelona you'll be unstoppable!

Girl in Poble Espanyol de Barcelona holding a map

Filling in those long spring days will be easier than you think. Here you'll find all the activities we have lined up for you this spring in Barcelona with special discounts. There are more than 170 of them! And to make sure you don't miss out on anything that's going on in the city, check out our agenda for the latest cultural highlights: exhibitions, concerts, fairs, festivals…

5. Check out a calendar full of traditions and festivals

L'Ou com Balla
Sant Jordi

The spring brings with it some of Barcelona's most popular festivals. The main event is certainly Sant Jordi, (which falls on UNESCO World Book Day). This is a very special celebration that is much loved by the locals. The streets are packed with stalls where you can buy books and roses, and there are book signings by some of the featured authors. During Holy Week there are religious celebrations, including the blessing of woven palm leaves. Godparents give their godchildren cakes topped with spectacular chocolate sculptures, known as mones de Pasqua (an evolution of the traditional ring cake decorated with a hard-boiled egg), which are on display in the city's cake shop windows. In May it's time for the Fira de Sant Ponç, which is one of the oldest fairs in the city. You'll find all kind of natural remedies, aromatic herbs, spices, honeys, glacé fruit, jams, artisan cheeses, curds… An authentic bazaar in the heart of the city! In June, during the festival of Corpus Christi, we invite you to witness something truly magical: the dancing egg, or ou com balla. An empty egg is suspended on the water jets of the fountains in the city's cloisters, courtyards and gardens and bobs up and down as if it were dancing.

6. Spring into action! Springtime in Barcelona is synonymous with environmental sustainability

Springtime in Barcelona. Torre Glòries

Because another way of life is possible, in spring, Barcelona celebrates World Environment Day to raise awareness of the need to take care of the planet and learn new ways of producing less waste and minimising the impact of our activities. There are lots of fun and sustainable events around the city.

A great thing to join in! Plan your responsible visit here.

7. Get moving! This spring in Barcelona, you won't get tired of doing sports

people al fresco practicing sport

The mild climate and long days are perfect for doing your favourite sport in the open air. If you're into running, the city's parks and gardens have lots of circuits where you can put your running shoes through their paces. Do you prefer cycling? No worries! Barcelona has more than 240 km of bike lanes for you to explore the city. If you haven't brought your bike with you, you can hire one that best suits your pace.

What are you waiting for to plan your break? Spring in Barcelona is waiting for you with light, warmth and sunshine.

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