Visit BCN / Discover Barcelona's captivating autumnal charms

Discover Barcelona's captivating autumnal charms

Barcelona is a city that exudes energy and is brimming with life all the year round. But when autumn comes, it undergoes a fascinating transformation. The vibrant summer gradually makes way for a more peaceful atmosphere and the city acquires a new palette of warm colours and experiences that make autumn an exceptional time of year to visit. As the leaves change their hues and the city cools down, Barcelona unveils its autumnal charms, bringing us the perfect blend of nature, culture, traditions, food and sport in the open air.

A canvas of warm colours and a mild climate

sunset on a sailing boat in Barcelona

In autumn, Barcelona is transformed into a charming blend of ochre hues, a mild climate and cultural celebrations. The streets, parks and squares are tinged with warm shades of colour, creating a unique and stunning landscape. It's the perfect time to explore the city's hidden gems at your leisure, such as the peaceful gardens on Montjuïc. Barcelona's autumnal climate provides welcome respite after the summer heat, with mild temperatures that are the perfect invitation to wander through its parks. The sea is another great way to enjoy the city in the open air, as you can continue to do water activities throughout the temperate Mediterranean autumn. Sailing is a particularly appealing experience during this season: experience the pleasant feeling of the sea breeze on your skin as you sail on the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean with breathtaking city views. You can also take advantage of the autumnal climate to relax with a stroll along the beach or a yoga session on the sea. The possibilities are endless!

The season of wine and cava

photo of a vineyard
woman in the grape harvest
people drinking wine

The arrival of autumn marks the beginning of the grape harvest: an unmissable event for wine lovers. The Barcelona region is home to five types of wine that have been awarded Designation of Origin status to guarantee their quality and authenticity. The wineries run tours and wine and food pairings all year round, but in September and October they give you the chance to explore the fascinating world of grape picking. And that's not all: the wine tourism activities are as diverse as the wines and cavas themselves, and range from a bike ride through the vineyards to a sailing trip to a winery. You can even visit a winery in the city itself. Nestling among the beautiful scenery of the Parc de Collserola, Can Calopa makes the only wine from Barcelona, and provides a unique experience at its centuries-old estate, with its urban vineyards and panoramic views.
The city also offers a great choice of wine bars, bodegas and shops, where you can enjoy a wine tasting experience, and restaurants that pair their dishes with a selection of the finest wines and cavas from the area. A delicious plan!

Tasty local food

wild mushroom dish

Autumn is a season for the senses and this is particularly apparent in the range of food it brings. As the fresh seasonal produce fills the local markets, the city's restaurants start to offer autumn-inspired menus. Tasty stews, like fricandó with moixernons (a delicious wild mushroom) or cream of pumpkin soup, together with countless mushroom dishes, take centre stage, paying tribute to the star ingredients of the season, such as the seasonal vegetables freshly arrived from the Baix Llobregat and squid caught off the coast of Arenys de Mar.
The city's markets have a special atmosphere that reveals the tangible connection between the city and its culinary heritage. The local, sustainable food event, Mercat de Mercats, celebrates this harmonious combination, offering tastings over a number of days. Has that whet your appetite? Choose a cosy restaurant and discover for yourself what autumn in Barcelona tastes like.

Celebrate tradition and culture

Castellers. La Mercè festival
Panellets. All Saints

Autumn in Barcelona is a season full of traditions and cultural celebrations. On 24th September, we celebrate our major festival, La Mercè, held in honour of the city's patron saint. For several days, the streets are filled with all kinds of music, traditional dances, cultural entertainments, sporting events and fireworks. There are activities throughout the day to suit every taste… and they are all free and in the open air!
On 31st October, we celebrate the Castanyada, a big party where people bring roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes from the street stalls set up for the occasion. You'll also find a delicious local sweet treat at the cake shops: the popular panellets, which you can learn to make so you can enjoy them throughout the year. The day after the castanyada is All Saints', a time to remember and reminisce about the loved ones who are no longer with us.
At the end of November, Barcelona gets ready for the most magical time of the year, with the traditional and eagerly awaited switch-on of the Christmas lights, which fill the streets with an even-more-special atmosphere.

Live music for all tastes

Live music

Barcelona's great love of music makes it unique. International Music Day, held with great enthusiasm on 22nd November at different venues around the city, is a well-deserved tribute to the city's musical spirit. Classical music takes centre stage at the city's opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the concert halls, L'Auditori and the Palau de la Música Catalana. For those in search of a more intimate experience, there's a wide variety of cosy live music venues where you'll find a wide variety of genres, from blues and jazz to flamenco. We also recommend a visit to the city's many specialist music shops and the music museum, the Museu de la Música, which has more than 500 instruments on display. And, of course, don't forget to check out our cultural agenda, because, every year, the city hosts countless concerts featuring major artists.

Doing sport in autumn makes you feel good

Women running Jean Bouin Race
 Ironman Barcelona

Autumn in Barcelona is the perfect season to enjoy doing your favourite sport without having to worry about the heat. We recommend doing sport in the open air against the backdrop of the Mediterranean or taking part in water sports along the coast. If you're a keen runner, two green oases await: Montjuïc and Collserola and their natural scenery with its autumn tints. In autumn, Barcelona also hosts important competitions , such as the iconic Jean Bouin race, and the ultimate test of strength and stamina, IronMan 70.3 Barcelona, which prove the city's commitment to promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle.

A season full of cultural things to do

people enjoying Tutankhamon exhibition

Autumn in Barcelona is synonymous with entertainment, exhibitions and festivals, and the city's cultural landscape becomes more vibrant than ever. If you're into art and culture, you'll fall in love with Barcelona's cultural agenda : from unmissable exhibitions to major concerts along with festivals showcasing different disciplines, such as the eagerly awaited Sitges Fantasy Film Festival. Barcelona also ensures that its cultural offering is accessible and features inclusive events for people with disabilities. If you don't know where to start, you'll find the best options to help you plan your cultural visits: they're just a click away and feature important discounts. And if you browse our cultural listings, you're bound to get more out of your autumn getaway to Barcelona. Feed your thirst for culture!

Autumn design in every shop window

people shopping in La Roca Village

Barcelona breathes design in every corner, and with the change of season the city's shop windows are tinged with originality and new autumn designs. It is the time to stroll and enjoy the good Mediterranean autumn weather that the city offers, and at the same time discover its shopping streets full of history and monuments. You will find all kinds of stores: centenarian, artisan, sustainable fashion... with local, genuine and unique items made in Barcelona. You will also find stores of leading international brands that showcase the new autumn fashion.
And if you want to live an unforgettable shopping experience this fall, you can travel to La Roca Village from the city center with luxury transportation. It's an open-air shopping destination with more than 150 top-brand boutiques open every day and offering significant discounts just 40 minutes from Barcelona. And to make the shopping experience unforgettable, the venue offers delicious dining options.

As you can see, autumn is the perfect season to enjoy Barcelona's many charms. Come and discover its atmosphere of flavours, colours and experiences!

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