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  • Festa de la Filloxera

    Festa de la Filloxera

    The Festa de la Fil·loxera in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia is a popular celebration that recreates the town's victory, in 1887, over the terrible phylloxera epidemic that wiped out all the vineyards in the Penedès region. The celebrations include fireworks, music and all the traditional festival figures you would expect.

    There's also a kids' version of the festival consisting of a processionfrom Plaça de l'Església. It is one of the most eagerly awaited events. The children wear small-scale replicas of the figures seen at the main celebrations: the phylloxera beetle, the figures with large heads depicting the local farmers, the small phylloxera larvae, figures representing the vines and a group of larvae. Because the procession is for kids no fireworks are involved.

  • Most International Wine and Cava Film Festival

    Most International Wine and Cava Film Festival

    The new edition of the Most Festival has come round, an international festival to celebrate the best audio-visual production related to the world of wine and cava. Films will also be shown by leading directors that have not been released commercially. Held in the Penedès, one of Catalonia's major wine-producing regions, the aim of the Most Festival is to spread the word about wine-related art and culture expressed through audiovisual creation, and approach wine production from every conceivable angle.

  • Tast a la Rambla

    Tast a la Rambla

    Over the course of four days, the famous gastronomic festival "Tast a la Rambla" will be held in Plaça Catalunya (Catalunya Square). There will be a wide selection of tasty tapas and snacks produced by the city's restaurants ranging from signature creations to traditional cuisine. This festival for the senses is complemented by a variety of leisure and musical activities, culinary tasting workshops and live cooking demonstrations.

    In 2024, the Tast a la Rambla, is part of the Cultural Regatta, the programme of activities that accompanies the celebration of the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup in Barcelona.

  • Banc Sabadell Vijazz Penedès

    Banc Sabadell Vijazz Penedès

    Dates 2024 not yet confirmed

    Wine and jazz go hand-in-hand at the festival that sublimates both pleasures by pairing wine-tastings with concerts in Vilafranca, the heart of the Penedès region. ViJazz Penedès, which has been going for more than 10 years, features free concerts and the chance to sample more than 300 wines and cavas produced by forty of the Penedès region's best wineries at the wine and cava fair. This year also includes a gastronomic area, with the presence of restaurants in the area, where quality tapas will be offered specifically designed to be accompanied by wines and cavas from the Penedès.

  • Fira ÀPAT

    Fira ÀPAT

    The Fira ÀPAT brings together producers and makers of the best produce and high quality ingredients on Catalan soil. Led by food industry professionals, the Fira ÀPAT promotes local produce as a way of supporting safety and quality and also in order to support small-scale farmers and agriculturalists.

  • Corpinnat Festival

    Corpinnat Festival

    The makers of Corpinnat sparkling wine have created this Gastronomic Festival to highlight the richness and gastronomic diversity of Catalonia. To this end, from June and July, the Corpinnat wineries are hosting a series of dinners in their unique venues. The dishes will be created and served by local restaurants and renowned chefs and paired with the different varieties of Corpinnat.

  • Born Street Food

    Born Street Food

    The best cuisine in Born at street level is back with the the foodie festival par excellence in Barcelona, the Born Street Food. Grills, casseroles, fresh products and plenty of show cooking featured by the chefs of Barcelona Born Gourmet will be the main protagonists of this alfresco gastronomic festival.

    In 2024, the Born Street Food, is part of the Cultural Regatta, the programme of activities that accompanies the celebration of the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup in Barcelona.

  • Cava in Springtime

    Cava in Springtime

    Primavera del Cava is a festival taking place every weekend in May at different wineries in the Penedès area. During Springtime, wineries such as Sumarroca and Juvé & Camps, open their doors and offer unique wine activities, with cava as the main star of the show. Guided tours, cava tastings, breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the vineyards, walks and bike rides are some of the experiences waiting for you this unforgettable season.

  • Barcelona Tast

    Barcelona Tast

    This fall, discover Barcelona Tast, a tasting event that showcases the cuisine of Barceloneta, held as part of the Cultural Regatta activities to celebrate the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup. A total of eighteen neighborhood establishments specializing in seafood cuisine, fourteen bars offering original tapas, and thirteen restaurants featuring international and fusion cuisine will present their recipes and dishes, especially for the occasion. In addition, local stores and artisans in Barceloneta will hold open days during these dates.

  • Poblenou Wine Festival

    Poblenou Wine Festival

    This year, on the occasion of the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup, the Poblenou Wine Festival is organizing a special edition as part of the Cultural Regatta activities. During the last weekend of September and every weekend in October, the neighborhood will be filled with food and wine offerings such as the Wine Bar, where visitors can discover and taste Catalan wines; the Gastro Area, with the best culinary offerings from local establishments; the Retail Area, with stalls from the stores of Poblenou; and the Picnic and Chill out Area, which will feature performances by DJ's and music bands. Definitely a great way to spend the weekend.

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