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  • Barcelona Night Tour

    Barcelona Night Tour

    If you discover Barcelona on board the Bus Turístic it's already a great experience. Imagine doing it by night! From 3rd June, every day you can board the night bus in Plaza Catalunya to enjoy the way in which the most iconic buildings of the city are illuminated. Departing at 9:30pm, the tour lasts for one hour and a half, allowing you to appreciate Barcelona at its most magical.

  • Sightseeing transport

    Sightseeing transport

  • ZBE Rondes de Barcelona

    ZBE Rondes de Barcelona

  • Moving around Barcelona in a sustainable way

    Moving around Barcelona in a sustainable way

    In addition to walking, you can make use of public transport, electric vehicles or bicycles, which offer a safe, fast and sustainable way to visit Barcelona.

  • Sustainable mobility

    Sustainable mobility

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