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  • Barcelona Dibuixa

    Barcelona Dibuixa

    Dates 2023 not yet confirmed

    Barcelona Dibuixa is a day-long event during which both well-known and emerging artists, illustrators, architects and designers hold fun workshops, at no charge, for everyone wishing to experience the world of drawing, in a free and spontaneous way.

    This year, the festival is part of the events celebrating the 50th anniversary of Picasso's death and the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.

  • International Musem Day The Night of Museums

    International Musem Day The Night of Museums

    May sees two excellent events for those who love visiting museums. On May 18, International Museum Day is celebrated, a European initiative that sees numerous institutions open their doors for free and put on a special programme of activities. The aim is to raise awareness in visitors about the key role museums and other cultural centres can play in the development of society.

    At the same time Barcelona holds its Night of Museums, when participating venues stay open until night, offering a different way to experience the permanent and temporary exhibitions currently on show, as well as the chance to enjoy different activities, such as family workshops, live performances and guided tours. This is also a global event, one that started in Berlin in 1997 and is now celebrated in around 120 European cities each year. Signed up to the two events in Barcelona are a wide variety of centres whose specialisations include art, archeology, history, author, ethnology, paleontology, ceramics, zoology, movies, design and much more.

    Night of the Museums: Date not yet confirmed.
    International Museum Day: 18th May.

  • OFFF Barcelona

    OFFF Barcelona

    OFFF Barcelona is back, the most innovative digital cultural festival of the city. A wide range of events will take place simultaneously during the two days of the festival:conferences, exhibitions, performances, animation, interactive facilities, networking areas, inspiring fiestas and much more. An unavoidable event to understand what is happening today in the most creative areas.

  • Musicant el Museu Frederic Marès

    Musicant el Museu Frederic Marès

    Part of the cycle of intimate concerts inspired by the collections of the Museum, several concerts have been programmed to hommage the figure of the sculptor and collector.

    An essential recital in a unique venue!

  • La Mercè 2023

    La Mercè 2023

    Dates 2023 not yet confirmed

    Barcelona is once again celebrating its grand festival, in honor of its patron saint. A program full of different activities is planned for all the public, with music, dance, circus and street arts. And not forgetting the giants, dragons, fire beasts, human towers and sardana groups.

    La Mercè is also a festival of street arts with the MAC festival, Mercè Arts de Carrer. This is a festival which has become a showcase of new creations, and the meeting place for many artists, both from the city and overseas. The BAM Festival, Barcelona Acció Musical, will fill the streets with today's popular rhythms and concerts.

    La Mercè will end, as always, with the traditional fireworks and music display. an explosion of light and sound, which has become one of the most expected and acclaimed events for the people of Barcelona and its visitors.

  • DNIT


    CaixaForum Barcelona has a strong commitment to avant-garde art and music is not an exception. That is why, since 2021, it has been programming DNIT, a monthly event (on Fridays) to showcase electronic music and the latest avant-garde sounds. It features live performances by national and international artists who are characterized by their risky and innovative vision of the DJ scene. Artists such as Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Holly Herndon, Holy Other, Grouper, Mika Vainio and Monolake will be visiting Caixaforum to offer much more than just music: their shows are audiovisual, immersive, experimental extravaganzas.

  • Once upon a time science and fairytales Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

    Once upon a time science and fairytales Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

    Analyzing the presence of science in ten classic tales is the interesting approach of this exhibition at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Alice or Ali Baba and the forty thieves are some of the characters that will immerse visitors in a universe where they can discover the secrets of cocoa in a chocolate factory through interactive modules, teach a disobedient Pinocchio, build the house of the Three Little Pigs and see if it can resist the wolf's blow, decipher the code to enter the cave of the forty thieves or visit a room where you can grow and shrink.

  • Barthélemy Toguo Museu Picasso de Barcelona

    Barthélemy Toguo Museu Picasso de Barcelona

    The Cameroonian artist Barthélemy Toguo shares with Picasso the idea that an artist does not make works to decorate walls but rather as a representation of political consciousness. Now, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is presenting a broad exhibition of his work, where many of his pieces deal with themes as intrinsic to his origins as migration and exile. Toguo has been nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize and has been featured in major exhibitions in the most important museums around the world.

  • María Teresa Hincapié If this were a principle of infinity MACBA

    María Teresa Hincapié If this were a principle of infinity MACBA

    The Colombian artist María Teresa Hincapié (1954–2008) specialised in what might be called the "poetics of everyday life" through performances that transformed routine actions into symbolic acts, thereby creating a methodology. Now the MACBA is devoting an exclusive exhibition devoted to this practice, which vindicates collective interaction as a producer of knowledge and uses the potential of affection as a mechanism for interaction with the deceased artist.

  • Ayuujkjä'äy ëy konk A fable based on a Mixe myth MACBA

    Ayuujkjä'äy ëy konk A fable based on a Mixe myth MACBA

    This artistic project by Mariana Botey, in collaboration with Dr. Lakra, Taka Fernández and Brian Cross focuses on the Mixe people, the closest relatives and natural heirs of the Olmecs, the Mesoamerican mother culture. The Mixe people speak one of the last living languages in the Mixe-Zoquean family and, through documentary, bibliographic and iconographic research, fieldwork and interviews, the team explores one of their myths, the myth of Kondoy. Thus, the project offers a new perspective on the history and current formation of global art through the notion of indigenisms from a critical point of view.

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