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  • Family activities at Museu Picasso

    Family activities at Museu Picasso

    The Museu Picasso is running a varied program of leisure activities for all the family, aimed at arousing the curiosity and creativity, respect and appreciation for art.

  • XVII Puig Classic Sailing Regatta Barcelona

    XVII Puig Classic Sailing Regatta Barcelona

    The XVII Puig Classic Sailing Regatta Barcelona is a spectacular competition that should definitely not be missed: over twenty classic and vintage sailing vessels are returning once again to the coast of Barcelona. They represent the participants of this regatta organized by the Royal Yacht Club of Barcelona. Their history and tradition allied to their majesty and beauty take center stage in the city’s port.

  • Portraits of Ships From the XIX Century to the shipspotters

    Portraits of Ships From the XIX Century to the shipspotters

    Ships have been the object of portraiture since ancient times. This exhibition covers some of these works chronologically to show their evolution and also how social changes have modified them. It begins with a brief introduction to the background of the 18th century and then continues with a chronological tour that shows how both the way of representing them and the techniques used have changed.

  • America’s Cup Experience

    America’s Cup Experience

    The prestigious America's Cup competition that will take place in Barcelona in 2024 warms up with the America's Cup Experience, the first Official Exhibition Center of the 37th America's Cup Barcelona 2024. It is a unique opportunity to learn about this important event in an exhibition where visitors can discover the history of the mythical sailing regatta and learn all about its rules, equipment and the secrets of its technology that makes the boats practically fly over the water. The experience has an open area that the public can access for free and there are two more spaces that you can make a reservation for: the immersive experience and the AC75 Simulator.

  • Barcelona's International Boat Show

    Barcelona's International Boat Show

    The 62nd Edition of the International Boat Show of Barcelona has a special program dedicated to the America's Cup this year. The third major international sports competition (after the Olympics and the World Cup) will be held in Barcelona in 2024, and the Boat Show is revving up excitement by allowing fans to learn more about this significant milestone. Most of the activities revolve around three main pillars: sustainability, innovation, and electrification to drive the practice of sports boating towards a blue economy.

  • Opening Ceremony of the 37th Louis Vuitton America's Cup

    Opening Ceremony of the 37th Louis Vuitton America's Cup

    One of the most exciting moments of the eagerly awaited 37th Louis Vuitton America's Cup 2024 is sure to be the opening ceremony of the Final Match Race. Once again, Barcelona will showcase itself to the world with a spectacle that promises to be both breathtaking and unique, thanks to the use of visual poetry and technology. This very special event at Bogatell Beach is sure to be remembered by all for a long time.

  • La Barceloneta

    La Barceloneta

    The streets of the Barceloneta in Ciutat Vella district are arranged like corridors running parallel and perpendicular to the Port de Barcelona, and draw us into a world of modest buildings, with balconies displaying clothes hanging out to dry and small ground-floor restaurants and tapas bars, filled with chatter and noise, and permeated by the constant smell of the sea.

  • Port Vell

    Port Vell

    The old harbour, Barcelona's Port Vell, which stretches from the Columbus Monument to the Barceloneta, offers endless possibilities to enjoy your leisure time, such as L'Aquàrium or Maremàgnum, amongst others. Following a long historic process, the Port Vell, with its landmark buildings and monuments, now gleams like one of the most valuable pearls on the Mediterranean coast.

  • Old Barceloneta

    Old Barceloneta

    As you explore the narrow streets of the old Barceloneta neighbourhood in Ciutat Vella, you'll discover the charm and atmosphere of a working-class district, which attracts many tourists to its beaches, fine restaurants and bars.

  • Sant Martí

    Sant Martí

    One of Barcelona's most recently expanded neighbourhoods and a benchmark for modernity.

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