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  • D'A Film Festival

    D'A Film Festival

    In its 13th edition, the Barcelona's D'A Film Festival has become in an essential springtime event for the fans of contemporary indie and auteur cinema, both local and from around the globe. Some of the films shown have already won awards at other festivals while many are getting their Spanish premiere. With close to 100 films being presented, one of the highlights of D'A is always the attendance of many of the directors whose works are being shown for round tables and Q&A sessions about their productions.

  • BCN Sports Film Festival 2022

    BCN Sports Film Festival 2022

    The latest edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival opens on 20th February. The 13th edition of the festival, which this year will take place in different venues throughout the city, will be screening the best contemporary sports films.

  • L'Alternativa the Independent Film Festival of Barcelona

    L'Alternativa the Independent Film Festival of Barcelona

    The independent film festival, "L'Alternativa" is now celebrating its 29th edition. All these editions have been characterized for defending creative independence of the author, diversity, innovation, freedom, commitment and reflection. The Festival includes projections and also complementary activities, such as debates with authors, round tables, symposiums, creative workshops for all the family and activities by Film Schools.

  • Asian Film Festival Barcelona

    Asian Film Festival Barcelona

    Dates 2023 not yet confirmed

    The new edition of the Asian Film Festival, a world-renowned festival for Asian cinema, is coming back to Barcelona. Once again, this year's event includes around a hundred films, divided into five sections, which will be screened at the festival's regular venues and the online service FILMIN to give a contemporary portrayal of Asian society, both rural and urban.

  • Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya

    Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya

    Dates 2023 not yet confirmed

    Inaugurated years ago as the world's first film festival dedicated to the fantastic genre, today it's become the region's biggest celebration of the moving image. The picturesque seaside town of Sitges, 30 minutes down the coast from Barcelona, hosts hundreds of films from around the globe, including animation, rom-com and gangster as well as its core themes of gore, horror and fantasy.

    Running in parallel to the screenings are exhibitions, master classes and Q&A sessions, special events focused on television series, the chance to see films using virtual reality technology, plus a crowded Zombie Walk through the streets of Sitges.

  • InEdit Festival

    InEdit Festival

    Dates 2023 not yet confirmed

    Within the documentary world, documentaries about music have a category all of their own. The In-Edit Festival has become a benchmark event in this category. Coordinated and held in Barcelona, it also touches down in Madrid, Chile, Brazil, Netherlands and Greece.

    Since 2020, you can download a selection of musical documentaries from the online platform In-Edit TV and enjoy them at your leisure from any mobile device, and see live streaming events that will be held during the festival.

  • Barcelona Cultural District

    Barcelona Cultural District

    10 districts, 34 venues, five disciplines. The Barcelona Cultural District is a circuit of professional performances but also a program of artistic community project creation. Culture is brought to your doorstep but citizens themselves can also become active cultural agents. Music, theater, dance, circus and audiovisual displays by a wide variety of artists (professionals and amateurs alike) invade city spaces. Other free of charge activities also take place at the same time, such as workshops and talks.

  • Festival Pantalla Barcelona

    Festival Pantalla Barcelona

    Pantalla Barcelona Festival comes back on it's ninth edition. Eleven civic centers in Barcelona will be screening films made, shot or produced in Barcelona, including also a wide variety of international films. This edition will also have a program of complementary activities and workshops with film professionals.

    Civic Centers:

    • CC La Sagrera
    • La Barraca
    • CC Can Clariana Cultural
    • CC Sant Martí
    • CC Ateneu Fort Pienc
    • CC Pati Llimona
    • CC Trias i Peitx
    • CC Can Basté
    • CC La Sedeta
    • CC Vil·la Florida
    • CC Zona Nord
    • CC Casa Groga

  • 30a Mostra Internacional Films de Dones de Barcelona

    30a Mostra Internacional Films de Dones de Barcelona

    Women are also invisible in the world of cinema. For 30 years now, this audiovisual festival has existed to publicize and promote films directed by women. To do this, the festival screens the work of women directors from all over the world, with the aim of showing the how they contribute to the development of audiovisual creation.

  • Serielizados Fest

    Serielizados Fest

    Dates 2023 not yet confirmed

    In recent years, television series have become an authentic audiovisual phenomenon. Serielizados Fest, the festival organized by the magazine of the same name, celebrates its 9th edition this year with the debut of original series and documentaries on the Filmin platform. These productions have triumphed on television and at festivals throughout the world and come from countries as diverse as Iceland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Croatia, the United States, Japan and Italy. In addition to online, some of these exclusive premieres can be seen in person. Get your ticket and enjoy the best series available today.

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