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Sharing moments with the family

Having fun with the family in Barcelona and its neighbouring counties has never been easier! If you're staying in the Catalan capital you won't run out of ideas. The zoo, the Aquàrium, activities at museums, a cable car ride, the thrilling science museum, Cosmocaixa…. Decide which plan suits you best and let the fun begin! And if you want more, see all the destinations that are waiting for you with open arms. The coastal towns and villages offer a wide range of leisure attractions, water sports, workshops, tours, purpose-built facilities, easy access… perfect places to spend a great holiday. The mountains are another wonderful option with a wealth of things to do where you'll enjoy nature and the woods as never before. Choose from El Berguedà, the Vall de Boí, the Vall de'n Bas… Look for all the destinations that have been awarded Family Tourism certification!

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