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Learning at museums

Barcelona has lots of museums and interpretation centres to suit all tastes. Arts, science, culture, history, our origins and heritage… Discover the extensive network of local museums and have a great time while they tell you a story that will captivate you. Travel back to the time of the Egyptian mummies and experience the most ground-breaking contemporary art works. Be inspired at the Museu del Disseny, discover our origins at the Museu d'Arqueologia, immerse yourself in daily life in the Born neighbourhood as it was in 1700, and relive historic footballing moments at the Museu del Barça. And if you're drawn to nature and science, the Museu de Ciències Naturals will help you understand the evolution of life and the Earth at the permanent exhibition, Planeta Vida. Pure passion! Find the museum that best ties in with your interests.

  • Barcelona museums

    Immerse yourself in the amazing array of world-class museums with their wonderful exhibitions. Guided tours and workshops that will take you on a trip to places you want to discover.

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  • Barcelona Provincial Council museum network

    Visit the houses of eminent personalities, now converted into museums. Step inside places that were once private and take part in the educational activities that will ensure you really enjoy the region. Which one do you want to go to?

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