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Admiring Catalan Gothic art and architecture

Do you know where you'll find the biggest Gothic cloisters in the world? They're at Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona. Their two immense galleries are waiting for you. When you get there, you'll also want to visit the kitchen, chapel and nuns' cells, see the paintings and smell the aromas in the Herbarius: the medicinal herb garden inspired by the medieval tradition. You can take a tour of the herbalists' workshops and they'll tell you about the remedies used at the time to ensure the body was kept in balance. The monastery was founded 700 years ago and has been an important witness to events in the city. And if you want to admire more Gothic architectural treasures, the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar and the church of Santa Maria del Pi are an absolute must. These two iconic landmarks of medieval Barcelona reveal details that make them truly magical places.

  • Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

    Have you ever gone up to the roof terraces at Santa Maria del Mar? This privileged vantage point boasts magnificent views of the city. Fall under the spell of this great Gothic basilica in the Born.

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  • Santa Maria del Pi

    Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

    Step inside one of the old town's most iconic Gothic buildings and visit the crypt, garden and treasury. Climb to the top of the bell tower, 54 metres above the city, and relive its history.

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  • Pedralbes Monastery

    Do you want to know what life was like for the nuns at the monastery? Take a walk around the cloisters, the church, the garden and the rooms where you can admire the paintings. Discover 700 years of history.

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