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ZBE Rondes de Barcelona

Barcelona is furthering its commitment to the environment and reducing emissions by introducing low-emission zones inside Barcelona's ring roads (ZBE Rondes de Barcelona). From 1st January 2020, from Monday to Friday between 7am to 8pm, only motorised vehicles with the DGT environmental label will be able to drive in the area inside the city's ring roads. Vehicles that do not have the environmental label can apply for a special permit to drive in the low-emission zones. Drivers can request up to 10 individual permits per year, each valid for one-day. For further details visit

All vehicles registered abroad must check that they meet the DGT's low-emission stand-ards and apply to be included on the ZBE register. If they do not meet the standards they must apply for the daily permit at least ten days in advance.

These measures are designed to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels by 15% and C02 emis-sions by 6% to protect everybody's health, and the health of the most vulnerable individu-als in particular. This is why we recommend you use the different means of public transport available whenever possible.

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