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Local commerce

For people seeking something different from the standard or the conventional, a tour of the Barcelona Unique Shops is a real treat. In these stores you’ll find authentic, unique and local articles.

Artisan stores where you'll find handmade gifts that reflect the city's identity. Emblematic establishments that have been passed down from generation to generation and retain all their character, many of them over one hundred years old.

In Barcelona, a city that is a benchmark in sustainable fashion, you'll also find a wealth of stores selling environmentally-friendly clothing and accessories that promote the use of sustainable materials, the reuse of existing products, and local production.

Would you like some examples? Hand-made candles, ethical and environmentally-friendly fashion, artisan nougat made in the traditional way, medicinal herbs that claim to cure anything, hand-crafted espadrilles, sleight-of-hand and magic games, household goods… you won't be short of inspiration!

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