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Nou Barris

Nou Barris is Barcelona's northernmost district. It comprises 13 neighbourhoods which welcomed many of the incomers from all over Spain who came here to work in the 1950s and 60s. They are blue-collar areas with a distinct character that has evolved as a result of struggles by the community to improve their services and infrastructures.

Now they are proud to show visitors their shopping streets and attractive and innovative green spaces. Maybe the clearest proof of this are the many green areas in the district, such as the Parc de la Guineueta, the Parc del Turó de la Peira and the modern Parc Central de Nou Barris which covers a surface area of 17 hectares and is the city's second biggest park. It opened in 1999 and was extended in 2003, and uses the greenery in its different spaces to integrate the district's unique and historic buildings, such as the former Santa Creu Mental Hospital, the current home of the district council; Can Carreras, an old farmhouse; and the business innovation centre, the Forum Nord.

The busy shopping streets, the Passeig Valldaura and Via Júlia, are lively and full of character. If you want to enjoy excellent views of the city and its surrounding area, the Mirador de Torre Baró is the perfect spot.

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