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Parc de la Guineueta

The residents of La Guineueta and El Verdun enjoy one of the most beautiful green areas in Nou Barris and Barcelona. The Parc de la Guineueta is also very popular with people from other parts of the city who often go there to take a stroll.

The Parc de la Guineueta in Barcelona stands on the site of a former gully which lends it its special shape which is utilised by different services and green areas. If you want to sit on a bench in the shade, take the kids out to play or find the water fountains, you should head to the lower, more conventional part of the park. Two paths fork off from here, sloping upwards towards sports facilities, a school and parking area. Halfway along the paths there is a grassy area, a pond and a copse. A little bit of everything covering a total surface area of 3 hectares in the district of Nou Barris, in a park that meets the needs of all kinds of visitors: old and young, locals and tourists. An iron sculpture, depicting a fox (guineueta is Catalan for little fox) is the park's characteristic landmark.

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