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Music in churches

Barcelona brings you a great choice of music to raise your spirits. Come and enjoy concerts in unique settings, such as Barcelona Cathedral, the basilica of La Mercè and the church of Santa Maria del Pi. From Spanish guitar and organ recitals to polyphonic masses.

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  • Spanish guitar concerts in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

    Spanish guitar concerts in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

    One of the world's best-known stringed instruments, the Spanish guitar, in one of the city's most historic buildings: the church of Santa Maria del Pi. Major composers (Albéniz, Falla and Bizet) brought to you by the finest guitarists.

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  • ESMUC concert season in Santa Maria del Pi

    The early-music department of the prestigious music school, the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), gives a series of concerts entitled Música Antiga in the magnificent surroundings of the Gothic basilica of Santa Maria del Pi. Located just off La Rambla, it is the ideal place to enjoy their exquisite repertoire.

    For further information: www.esmuc.cat

  • Polyphonic music season

    A programme of liturgical music performed in churches during the ceremonies they were intended for. A tradition that originated in Germany and Austria. Polyphonic massesin wonderful settings, such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Família, the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes and the Basilica of Sants Màrtirs Just i Pastor.

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  • Candlelight Concert

    Candlelights Concert

    An experience of light and music in beautiful architectural landmarks: the gothic basilica of Santa Maria del Pi, the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, the Estació de França and the Hotel Palace. A repertoire spanning classical to contemporary music. The finest performances in a mesmerising ambiance created by hundreds of candles.

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  • Organ recitals in the Basílica de la Mercè

    One of Barcelona's best-loved churches, the Basilica of La Mercè, stands just a stone's throw away from the waterfront, and offers a series of concerts played on a contemporary organ in unique surroundings. The basilica was built in honour of Barcelona's patron saint and is a wonderful blend of baroque and neo-classical styles.

    For further information: www.basilicadelamerce.es

  • Organ recitals in Barcelona Cathedral

    Organ recitals in Barcelona Cathedral

    An unforgettable experience. A programme of concerts in Barcelona Cathedral, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, starring its majestic organ. It was built in the 16th century and restored at the end of the 20th. It is now ready to bring you a rich and varied repertoire.

    For further information: catedralbcn.org

  • Llums d'Antiga Festival

    The perfect blend of musical and architectural heritage. A unique festival organised from April to May every year by the Auditori de Barcelona. It features a programme of early-music concerts held inside fascinating medieval churches, such as the basilicas of Santa Maria del Mar and Santa Maria del Pi, as well as other historic landmarks.

    For further information: www.auditori.cat

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