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  • panoramic view of the Fundació Miró in Barcelona

Fundació Joan Miró

Miró's artistic career and the wide variety of techniques he used are widely represented by the more than 16,000 exhibits on display. 217 paintings, 178 sculptures, 9 textile works, the almost complete print collection and over 8,000 drawings provide an in-depth understanding of the creative process of the Catalan genius. In addition to the works by Joan Miró, the Foundation also has a small collection of contemporary art consisting of gifts and loans from leading artists.

Over the years, the Joan Miró Foundation has become a major point of reference on the world art scene and offers Barcelona's visitors a wide range of exhibitions, encompassing the avant-garde and the latest artistic trends. It also has a pioneering exhibition space, Espai 13, which stimulates research and experimentation among young artists.

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