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  • Centre Tecnològic Leitat – 22@ Sustainable Buildings Trail

Centre Tecnològic Leitat

Leitat is a technology centre in Barcelona that provides services to businesses in the industrial sector through its technological knowhow. Its work focuses on research, development and technological innovation. It is located in one of Barcelona's sustainable buildings that we recommend you visit if you're interested in urban sustainability.

The Centre Tecnològic Leitat works in more than 45 countries developing projects in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare, renewable energy, industrial chemistry, advanced materials and new production processes. Its mission is to generate technological knowledge and apply it to create social, environmental, economic and industrial value for businesses.

The Centre Tecnològic Leitat is perfectly integrated into the landscape, with a garden roof and public square in the centre of the building. A meeting place you can reach from the street through a porch-cum-passageway.

Its façade creates a balance between exterior and interior climatic conditions and is a clear example of urban sustainability. The roof is made of an efficient wrap-around structure coated with a film of nanoparticles that reduce pollution. It also has a photovoltaic system, rainwater tank and brise-soleil panels. It is connected to the DHC (district heating and cooling) network, which provides efficient heat and cooling from low-impact energy sources.

This sustainable building is located in Barcelona's innovative 22@ district and has received energy certification A and a four-leaf eco-rating from the Green Building Council.

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