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Media TIC

The sustainable building, Media TIC is one of the iconic landmarks in Barcelona's 22@ district. It was designed by the architect Enrique Ruiz Geli and is used as a meeting place for businesses and professionals. It has spaces dedicated to training and research into projects focusing on the development of ICTs and the media sector.

The Media TIC building currently houses the Open University of Catalonia, the offices of the Mobile World Capital and Cibernàrium, the training and technology programme of Barcelona Activa.

The architecture of the sustainable building is truly unique. The four outer walls are clad in pillows that perform different functions depending on how they have been arranged. An innovative material called EFTE was used. It acts as a sun filter and represents important energy savings in air-conditioning. And as if that wasn't enough, it has a non-stick coating and doesn't get dirty, thereby reducing pollution through the use of detergents and saving on maintenance costs.

The structure of the Media TIC building absorbs sunlight during the day and emits it at night in the form of a luminescent element reminiscent of a jellyfish. This distinctive building in Barcelona's 22@ district is a clear example of urban sustainability.

We invite you to step inside the lobby of the Media TIC building to see the open-plan exhibition spaces and the communal and communication services used by the different professionals.

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