Food and Wine / Catalan cuisine / Arròs negre de l'Empordà

Arròs negre de l'Empordà

  • Black rice Empordà style

Put a little olive oil in an earthenware casserole dish, fry the pork rib, chicken and sausage until they begin to colour, season to taste, remove from the dish and set aside.
Fry the squid prawns and langoustines in the same dish, remove and set aside.
Make a sofregit sauce in the same casserole dish by gently frying the onions, garlic and tomato until thick and dark in colour.
Add the meat and squid, mix together and add the rice.
Stir and add the water and cook for 18 minutes.
Just before the end, add the prawns, langoustines and mussels and cook through.

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