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Fricandó amb moixernons

  • Beef fricassee with moixernons

  • Beef fricassee with moixernons

Soak the field mushrooms for a couple of hours.
Season the meat with salt and pepper, dredge in flour and fry in an earthenware casserole dish, remove and set aside.
Make a concentrated "sofregit" sauce in the same dish by gently frying the onions and tomato.
Add the meat, flame with the brandy, pour in the white wine and let it reduce.
Cover with water and simmer on a low heat until the meat is tender.
Drain the mushrooms, sauté them gently in a frying pan and add to the dish.
Stir in the picada and cook for another 10 minutes.

You can make the "sofregit" without tomato.
Pitted olives can be added to the stew.
Meat stock can be used instead of water.
You can add a "ñora" (small, round red pepper), a small piece of chocolate and "carquinyolis" (Catalan biscotti) to the stew.
The dish can be served with all kinds of mushrooms and vegetables.

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