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Faves a la catalana

  • Catalan broad bean stew

  • Catalan broad bean stew

Fry the pancetta, scallions and onion in a cooking pot until they begin to colour. Add the broad beans, herbs, sausage and a cup of water. Season with salt and pepper.
Cover with the lid and place on a low heat until the broad beans are cooked.

You can use also use garlic in this dish.
Ripe tomato and pork rib can be added to the fried scallion and onion mixture.
You can use peas as well as broad beans.
At the end of the cooking time you can add a dash of anisette or half a glass of muscatel, or dessert wine, mixed with eau-de-vie.
A piece of chorizo and "sobrassada" (Mallorcan sausage) can also be added to the stew.

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